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From time to time, Mercury Games will offer preorders of upcoming games to our customers. Using an industry-proven model, customers can rest assured knowing that we only offer games for preorder once the games are produced. This means greatly reduced waiting times, and no more horror stories of waiting years for delivery of your game. See below to find out what preorders are running right now or what preorders will be starting soon!

Out of respect to our retailers, we limit our preorders to just 500 per game. Because of this, it is difficult to predict exactly when a preorder opportunity might end early due to high order volume.


Advantages of preordering with Mercury Games:

Fast shipping - We only open preorders when your game has been produced. This means industry-best speed from preorder to delivery. You shouldn't have to wait months for your preorder.

Discounts - Your support allows us to print other exciting games. You deserve a discount for that!

Get it First! - Your preordered game gets shipped before even the "big guys" get theirs. As a preorder customer, you deserve to enjoy our highest priority.

Right to Cancel   -  If, before the game goes into production, you find yourself needing to cancel your preorder, we will honor your request and provide a complete refund.  You can feel safe preordering with Mercury Games!


NOTE ON COMBINING PREORDERS/ORDERS:  You may receive extra savings by preordering multiple games, even possibly some other in-stock titles.  This will automatically combine your shipping costs into one charge.  However, please be aware your order will be held until all games are ready for shipping.  If you wish to receive the preordered games individually, please place separate orders.   Be sure to check the "Status" box below to get our best estimate of "ready" dates for each production.

Current and Anticipated Projects:

Game MSRP Preorder Price Bonus Item Start Date


Status Preorder Page
Big City - Reprint!  $150




 Urban Upgrade Expanion    

Shipping Complete! Visit your local store to purchase!


 Alban Viard's Clinic: Deluxe Edition plus Clinic: The Extension  $130  $100


Jul-30-2019    Shipping Imminent! Late Preorder offer closing soon! Games Page on Mercury Website