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Mini-Expansions Now Available for The Walled City!

As our preorder customers know, preordering has it's benefits, and for The Walled City, that meant obtaining early access to our mini-expansions for the game.  Those promos are predictably titled "Londonderry Mini-Expansion" and "Borderlands Mini-Expansion".  

We've had such good feedback on those mini-expansions, that we are pleased to announce that we have made them available in our webstore for a limited time.   The Londonderry Mini-Expansion is a Mercury exclusive, so don't miss your chance!

Each Mini-Expansion is just $7 and that includes free shipping in North America!

As always, if you've played The Walled City or any other Mercury Games product, we value and welcome your rating, reviews, and comments on   As a small company, we rely heavily on word-of-mouth to spread the news that Mercury Games makes some of the best boardgames in the industry.