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Container Production Update

Anyone who knows Mercury Games also knows that we set a very high production standard. Our games are produced to the highest-quality in the board game industry.

We wish to inform our preorder customers that the production sample we received of Container was perfect in nearly every way except with one critical flaw.  At the last moment, without our knowledge, the production of the polyresin components (ships and containers) had a coarse mixture of silica added into the formula which has rendered the ships and containers too fragile to meet our high standards.

The net result is that shipping of Container to preorder customers will be delayed until Late May or Early June while we make this right.  We demand a high-quality product for our customers and believe that's why you've trusted us with your preorder.

If you want the full details of this situation, please see a full explanation on our Kickstarter page HERE.

Our preorder page is now also updated to reflect the new timeline.